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Controls strengthened at airports in France

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Controls strengthened at airports in France

After the killing frenzy on Friday night in Paris, French President Francois Hollande declared a state of emergency in France, with resulting exceptional measures.

Specifically, concerning air transport, controls have been strengthened at all airports. Border controls have been restored within the Schengen area. Significant additional waiting time at airports are to be expected. Air France, like other airlines, has indicated that they are maintaining their flights to and from France. The situation is normal for flight departures and arrivals. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to inquire directly with the airlines if you need to catch a flight today or in the coming days. A hotline for public information has been set up by the French Interior Minister: 0 800 40 60 05.

This terrorist attack has left at least 132 dead and over 350 injured in several locations in Paris and on its outskirts. "A horror" in the words of François Hollande. The international community has unanimously condemned these acts of war.

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