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Video - Biometric passenger check-in on a tablet

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On 13th April, Safran presented their annual innovation awards at their Villaroche head office. A number of the group’s subsidiaries, received awards for fifteen successful inventions. One was the Morpho Tablet, which intrigued us.

This 600 gram (1.3 lb.) tablet allows the biometric identity of a person to be verified from a photograph or their fingerprints. Checking-in passengers or confirming their identity in seconds at the airport, are just two of its possible applications.

Arnaud Duparc, Product Manager, Morpho: watch the interview in the video.

In this way a customs officer can check the identity of an already checked-in passenger, thanks to their biometric data. The tablet has not yet been installed in an airport, but it has already proven itself. In India, Egypt and Mali, it has already been used to verify the identity of citizens during elections.

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