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Video - FIFA World Cup stadia overfly ban

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Less than three months before the football World Cup in Brazil and the security officials have just decreed no-go airspace zones of up to a range of 13 kms. ( 8 miles ) around certain relevant stadiums ( stadia for some purists ). In short, serious flight restrictions on match days. This measure therefore affects eight of the twelve World Cup host cities whose airports are located near the sports event. For these cities, the flight ban will last between four and seven hours. For the opening in Sao Paulo, and the final match in Rio, therefore, no aircraft will be authorized within the no-flight zone, three hours before kick-off, and four hours after the final whistle; for the other games, airspace will be closed one hour before the start of the game and three hours after the end. In the event of any infringement of this ban, the Brazilian airforce will immediately intervene and courteously escort the relevant aircraft out of the zone. Only military aircraft, therefore, will be allowed, where necessary, to overfly these zones. This decision will essentially penalize Brazilian companies; from 12th., June to 13th., July : Gol, Tam, Avianca and Azul will, in effect, be obliged to cancel more than 800 flights, and divert 150 to other airports. In total, 16,000 passengers will be affected. On the occasion of the F.I.F.A. World Cup, airlines expect to transport 3.7 million supporters to Brazil.

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