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Video - Emirates A380 terminal operational

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Welcome to Dubai International Airport, the first airport in the world with an A380 dedicated terminal. Concourse A, with its 20 gates specially designed to connect, simultaneously, to the two levels of the super-jumbo is now operational, five weeks after its official opening. For Emirates, which last year carried over 34 million passengers, and still awaiting the other 59 examples of the 90 super-jumbo’s ordered, the terminal, is an absolute necessity.

Thierry Aucoc, Manager France - Emirates : interview in the video.

The First and Business Class lounges of the company, which extend over 29,000 m 2 (310,000 sq. ft.), the largest in the world, are also open. They offer direct access to the boarding gates, up-market restaurants, conference rooms, business centres, and even a spa to relax in while you’re waiting to leave.

With this new concourse composed of eleven floors, the airport will increase its capacity to 75 million passengers per year, as against the 60 million now. The numbers are already there. Since its inauguration on January 2, Concourse A, alone, welcomed some 590,000 passengers in just one month.

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