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Video - Paris CDG airport opens futuristic Yotel

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Doors opened last month at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport new concept hotel. Passengers can rest at YotelAir, without even leaving the international zone, and book rooms to fit their timetable.

As hotel director Antoaneta Koleva explains, the minimum price is 59 Euros for 4 hours, and 99 Euros for an overnight stay.

In the hotel’s 80 cabin rooms, the minimalist design is reminiscent of a plane. The rooms vary in size from 9 to 19 m2, with a queensize “Smartbed” – or automatic sofa-bed. Family cabins include bunk beds for children, and a shower room. A futuristic “Technowall” provides a TV with 35 international channels. Automatic check-in and check-out are available around the clock.  A marker even directs passengers towards their flights.

This is the 4th Yotel to open in an airport, after Amsterdam, London Heathrow and Gatwick. The hotel is part of the new lounge at Paris Airport. Only passengers with more than 3 hours between flights have access to this 4,000 m2 space, located in Terminal 2E.

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