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Video - Dubai Airport’s incessant growth

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After the opening of its A380 dedicated Concourse A, in early 2013, Dubai International Airport has just inaugurated Concourse D, at an investment cost of $ 1.2 billion. Several airline executives, including the head of Qatar Airways, seen here on the right, were present to follow the 27 April visit, organised by Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Airports.

Incorporating restaurants, lounges and 175 duty free shops, Hall D handles 350 flights daily. In terms of passengers, with more than 78 million last year, Dubai Airport lies third in the world behind Atlanta and Beijing.

The new concourse now increases Dubai Airport’s capacity to 90 million passengers per year; however, the UAE want to expand its infrastructure even further to remain the Middle East’s major hub.

By 2020, the airport will have an annual capacity of 260 million passengers, served by two additional runways - five in total - and able to accommodate up to 600 aircraft simultaneously.

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