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Video - Brussels terrorist attacks: a black day

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The two explosions have just happened at Brussels Zaventem Airport. In this amateur video, black smoke can be seen billowing into the sky through the facade windows blown out by the force of the blast. People are running as fast as they can from the inside of the building.

Inside, where, a little before 8:00am the two explosions occurred, what remains of the departure lounge is unrecognizable. According to the Belgian federal prosecutor, the horrendous carnage "probably caused by a suicide bomber", was carried out on level 3 of the airport, in an area close to the security checkpoints.

Passengers who were in the boarding area or the now grounded aircraft, found themselves down on the tarmac before being evacuated. Air traffic has been closed down, and emergency services are already on the scene taking charge of the victims. The disaster response measures are now in place.

Around 9:15am, another explosion occurred in a subway train at Maelbeek station, in the centre of the Belgian capital. An image of the train is witness to the violence of the explosion, and shows distraught survivors extricating themselves from the carriages.

At day’s end, the provisional figures are 34 dead and almost 200 injured.

Following the terrorist attacks, all transportation has been suspended. Brussels city’s underground transportation system, and railway stations have been closed. The level of terrorism alert has been raised to the maximum level of 4, throughout the whole of Belgium. After the bombings, security has been strengthened in many European countries.

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