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Video - Explosions at Brussels airport

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Brussels Zaventem airport has confirmed that two explosions occurred this morning around 8 am in the departures lounge. The airport is closed "for the rest of the day", with flights being diverted to other airports. There are victims, and the emergency services are at the scene. According to the belgian authorities, the death toll reached 13 and 35 seriously wounded. Another explosion has also occurred at Maelbeek metro station, the death toll reached 15 and 55 seriously wounded. Isis claims airport and metro attacks.

The Belgian Prime Minister has denounced the bombings as "indiscriminate, violent and cowardly". Acts which came four days after the arrest of alleged terrorist, Salah Abdeslam, linked to the Paris bombings of 13 November. The high terrorism alert measures, already in place, have been raised to the maximum level of 4, throughout the whole of Belgium.

Questions about family or friends at the airport? Call: 0032 - (0)2 753 73 00.

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