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Video - ADP has big plans for Roissy

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Paris Airports (Aéroports de Paris - ADP) is thinking big. In late January, ADP revealed a plan to invest more than three billion euros over five years. For the moment this plan has to be negotiated with their air transport partners before being signed by the state, their biggest shareholder.

This will allow Roissy to remain a reference international airport. Its great rival, London Heathrow, sees an increase in its passengers of 10 million more per year. Roissy also wants to accommodate more connecting passengers, a domain where it is surpassed by its competitors Dubai and Frankfurt.

Franck Goldnadel, Executive Director - Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport 

"The competition is global. The Gulf airports have an international dimension and are developing enormously ; in addition, and not to be forgotten, are our European competitors. So, we definitely want Roissy to remain in the first division of the world’s major airports, which is why we will be investing in Roissy."

The four main areas of investment are: maintenance, capacity increases, compliance with norms - because our environment is changing - and finally, everything associated with transport, including the increase in routes and CDG Express Paris rail link project."

But, these investments have a cost that will result in an increase of 1.7% in the services and infrastructure fees for airlines, to which some are opposed, such as Air France, who would like to see ADP make greater operational savings rather than increasing their rates.

Franck Goldnadel, Executive Director - Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport 

"We know that Air France is in a difficult position. But we will continue to explain to them that when we invest more, and put more effort into productivity, that really, we are changing our fee structure to develop ourselves ; I think, all the same, that we will arrive at a situation where we can discuss and negotiate with the companies."

Prior to March therefore, many points are still to be negotiated. The dossier will then be sent to a committee of independent experts, with the final decision expected in July.

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