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Video - Sleeping cabins for airports

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No more uncomfortable waiting in terminals or long hours trying to get to sleep between flights. Since 2007, a new generation of hotel has existed in Heathrow and London Gatwick airports, as well as Schiphol in Amsterdam, where, for just a few hours, passengers can avail themselves of the services of a hotel room at discount prices.

Located on lower level 1 of the South Terminal Gatwick, the 46-roomed Yotel is always full as the director of operations confirms: interview in the video. 

Here, everything is small, functional and minimalist; nothing is left to chance, even if one can become a little claustrophobic in a 7 square metre single room, or hardly 10 for a double. The overall spacecraft-like design of the Yotel is perfectly assimilated, even down to the reception desk called "Mission Control".

A single room will cost you from 29 Euros for 4 hours, or an overnight stay, in a double for up to 93 Euros; and with everything at only 60 seconds walking distance from the nearest check-in counters, the concept was eagerly accepted from the outset.

Client reaction in the video.

Flexibility and proximity; the two key words describing the success of these Yotel’s. Also present in the heart of major cities like New York and Singapore, a new 80 room project is to be opened in Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle airport, within the next two years.

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