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Video - Robot guide to Geneva airport...

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No, even though there is a slight resemblance, it’s not R2-D2 from "Star Wars”; but rather the trendy new guide at Geneva airport. A robot, that upon your arrival, takes you around according to your desires: the loo, an ATM or bus tickets, everything you need at the touch of a button on the tactile screen.

Gilles Brentini, Computing Division at Geneva airport: interview in the video.

Designed by Bluebotics, an innovative Swiss Romande (French Swiss) start-up, the prototype required six months work; because “Robbi” is autonomous, bypasses all obstacles, and never mistakes the destination.

Nicola Tomatis, CEO of Bluebotics: interview in the video.

And if you mistrust robotics, understand that they still have their limits. “Robbi” never exceeds the regulatory work hours, for example, since like humans, it needs time off to recharge its batteries regularly.

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