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Video - Qatar Airways launches ‘honeymoon’ for business class

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In a first for business class, the Qatari airline has unveiled a new ‘Qsuite’ that allows each passenger to travel in their own customized cocoon. Lone travelers can glance across the clouds from a window seat. While  a partitioned space in the centre of the plane, for two or up to four people, allows passengers to fly together in a private, luxury bubble of their own making.

The new central design, featuring two pairs of seats facing each other, is divided by privacy panels which can be stowed away on demand. Movable TV monitors between the four seats allow colleagues, friends or families to create their own private suite. Partitions can even be lifted to create the first-ever double-bed in business class.

Whether you want to watch a romantic movie as a honeymoon couple, then snuggle up for a cosy night, or lounge back in a family suite to view a movie with your kids,  hold a business meeting with a colleague, or enjoy a sociable meal around a table, one of these options is likely to suit you.

It’s taken B/E Aerospace two years of fastidious design to come up with these modules. Luxurious detail, such as hand-stitched Italian leather, on 180° reclining airline seats give this business class a first class feeling.

Passengers can also choose when they dine, with varied menu options. “You choose when you rest, and when you want entertainment; we offer more choices than any other airline,” boasts Qatar Airways.

With a new generation of in-flight entertainment from Oryx One, offering a choice of over 3,000 options, it’s certainly an offer that rivals will find hard to match.

The entire fleet of Qatari jets, made up of Boeing 777 and Airbus A350, are soon to be kitted out with these comfy suites, which take three weeks to install. The first plane to be equipped will be a Boeing 777, on the Doha-London route from next June, extending to some 75 aircraft by the summer of 2018. 

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