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Video - Emirates staff frozen in «mannequin challenge»

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Emirates is the latest company to join the "mannequin challenge". The aim of this latest trend on social media is of course to film yourself frozen in a fixed position of your choice. From Destiny's Child to Barack Obama, not forgetting Robert de Niro, Bill Gates, Cristiano Ronaldo or Diana Ross, almost everybody who’s anybody seems to be taking part.

The Dubai company hasn’t wasted time in making air-waves. Emirates has just published a video on its website filmed in one of the company’s maintenance hangars. In action preparing an A380, about fifty members of the engineering team are frozen in "pause" mode. The results are dumbfounding.

Emirates is not the first airline to carry out this exercise. Southwest Airlines, for example, also made a "dummy challenge" aboard one of its aircraft by involving its passengers. Cabin crew from Singapore Airlines also took part in the game at Madame Tussauds’ wax museum in London. Etihad Airways also took up the challenge, but literally interpreted the name of the game, using real plastic dummies. The effect falls somewhat flat.

The current fashion is reminiscent of other viral trends on social media. Remember the "ice bucket challenge" in 2014, toppling or getting a bucket of icy water thrown over your head to raise funds for Charcot's disease. Before that, there were the flashmobs, near instant gatherings of people in a public place to achieve a common aim. Nowadays, the "mannequin challenge" has taken over, and it’s difficult to miss the phenomenon. This leaves a little time for latecomers: aircraft manufacturers, airlines and other aeronautical equipment manufacturers who have yet to take part.

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