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Video - Travelling in Trump’s “T-Bird”

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Donald Trump, 45th US President Elect of the United States, flew directly to Washington on 10th November to meet Barack Obama aboard his private jet. His VIP version of the Boeing 757, which he likes to call the “T-Bird”, is custom-designed for 43 passengers but of course it could carry six times as many.

Despite its $100 million price tag, the plane first flew 25 years ago, and has had several owners, most notably Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, before being purchased by the billionaire in 2011.

Amanda Miller, VP Marketing at the Trump Organization, gives us a guided tour in this video. On board, the private jet has comfy white leather seats with 24-karat plated gold seatbelts. Next we get a taste of the dining room, a lounge with a 56-inch (144 cm) flat TV screen, guest room, and Trump’s own silk-lined bedroom with private ensuite, positively glittering with gold-plated taps.

The interior decor, luxurious for some, “bling-bling” for others, was chosen by the future president of the United States.

Following his investiture on 20th January, the new President will swop “Trump Force One”, as his fans call it, for the more spacious Boeing 747 – Air Force One. If Trump wants to profit from the new version of the presidential jet, the 747-8, he will have to win a second term in office. The next Air Force One is not expected to take off until 2023.

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  • Vtcow
    Posté the 11/16/2016 2:47 pm

    "Supra-Classy", just like Trumpf. Paul Allen would vomit. God help the USA, WORLD, WHITE house.. and tasteful Air Force One.
    The good news is that this won't last long.

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