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Video - Snake in an Aeromexico plane – a tale with a twist

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The flight only lasted two hours, but it must have seemed like an eternity. On 6th November, the AeroMexico Embraer 190 aircraft made a domestic flight between Torreon and Mexico City. It took off smoothly, but during the flight a snake, in flesh and scales, suddenly slithered out of a baggage locker. One of the passengers aboard Flight 231, Indalecio Medina, captured the scene on his mobile phone.

The reptile finally dropped down to the cabin floor. Passengers kept their cool, isolating it with blankets provided by the crew. Due to the unusual circumstances, the aircraft was given priority to land in the Mexican capital. A team of experts then retrieved the snake.

Luckily, no one was hurt and it turns out the snake wasn’t dangerous. Passengers got away with a slight fright. Aeromexico has opened an enquiry to find out how the surprise guest made its way aboard the plane, without a boarding card.

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