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Video - Fire breaks out on B777 Engine at Singapore Airport

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A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore. The aircraft has been in service for 9 years and was supposed to fly to Milan on the 27th of June 2016. 222 passengers and 19 crew members were on board. Two hours into the flight, a warning light signaling oil loss on the right engine came on in the cockpit. The pilots then decided to turn around and go back to land at Singapore’s Changi International Airport.

However, as soon as they touched the ground, the right engine burst into flames, forcing the B777 to stay put. Huge flames rose up whilst thick black smoke escaped from the engine. The outbreak was quickly contained by the fire fighters on site. Passengers and crew were evacuated and no one was injured.

This incident is similar to two others that have occured in the United States. On the 8th September 2015, the left engine of a British Airways Boeing 777 caught fire whilst the plane was about to take off from Las Vegas (Nevada) airport. Again, on the 29th October 2015, a Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 caught fire at Fort Lauderdale (in Florida) shortly after takeoff.

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  • JS 139
    Posté the 07/04/2016 11:08 am

    There can only be an oil pressure or oil temperature warning. Why the engine was not shut down if the warning stayed on?

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