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Video - Alitalia’s latest uniforms

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In Rome, on 18 May, Italy's Alitalia unveiled their new, retro chic, uniforms, at a ceremony marking the brand’s renewal. Gone are the old blue and green uniforms, dating back twenty years, from a 1950’s - 1960’s Italian glamour inspired collection from Milanese designer Ettore Bilotta. The dominant colours are none other than those of the nation : red, symbolizing passion, and green representing Italian culture, history and countryside.

Everything is 100% Italian, including the materials. The basic uniform is made of 96% Italian wool. The shoes are manufactured in the Marche region (central-eastern Italy), the leather gloves are from Naples, and the silk ties and scarves from Como.

The air hostesses now have three options: a pale red patterned dress, a claret tinted skirt with a white striped blouse, or an outfit with red slacks and a burgundy jacket. The same style outfits are available in shades of green for ground staff. The men are catered for similarly, with the colour of the tie varying from red to green, depending on their respective flight or ground functions. The uniform, itself, is subtley shaded between gray and khaki green.

The 5,700 Alitalia stewards, stewardesses and ground staff, will be wearing their new uniforms from July. 500 people were mobilized for this 26,000 piece collection.

The cost of the operation has not been disclosed. The uniform change is part of Alitalia’s brand renewal plan, launched in 2015, after acquiring a 49% stake in the Italian airline, Etihad Airways. 400 million euros will be invested during the course of 2016, especially in services and cabin amenities.

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