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Video - Air Europa’s first Boeing 787

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On the tarmac at Madrid airport, nearly 300 guests attended a historic day for Spanish airline, Air Europa’s reception of their first Boeing 787. This Dreamliner, their latest acquisition, presents a new revamped look, complete with logo and onboard services, and showcases the Spanish airline’s upgrading.

As Alcino Ribeiro, CEO of Air Europa for France and Belgium explains: "Air Europa is historically a general public company aimed at the leisure market, but now wishes to convey the message that business clientele are also welcome."

Air Europa’s cabin configuration offers 22 seats in Business, and 274 in Economy Class. Concerning onboard meals etc., Business customers have a new range of organic products, including "detox" juices on offer. Wi-Fi is also offered to all passengers, although Economy Class passengers do have to pay between 7 and 20 euros.

The Dreamliner itself is equipped with LED lighting that offers a multitude of colour combinations in the cabin. But the main feature of the aircraft is its 12 inch-wide windows. Traditional blinds have not been provided, since, passengers can adjust sunlight intensity at the touch of a finger for a softer atmosphere.

This 787 will be in service from the month of April on the Madrid - Miami route. Air Europa, based in Palma, in the Balearic Islands, serves fifty destinations, mainly in Europe and Latin America. 21 other Dreamliners will complete the fleet by 2022.

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