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Video - American Airlines, behemoth of the heavens

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There are figures that command respect. After their merger with US Airways 18 months ago, American Airlines has become the world’s biggest airline in terms of numbers of aircraft and employees (100,000 +).

The new American Airlines will take delivery of 200 new aircraft by the end of 2016, which will augment their fleet of already 1,500 aircraft. Craig Dewey, American Airlines Commercial Director - Europe, Middle East, Africa : "We are taking on average a new airplane every week for the last couple of years and for the next two to come. We have not only new aircraft in our fleet; we have refurbished aircraft coming online every single day."

The company has invested $ 2 billion to modernize their fleet and its ground infrastructure. Last year, they achieved a $ 4 billion net profit, making it a heavyweight to be reckoned with, and which does not intend to leave the way clear to the Gulf companies and their alleged state subsidies. Craig Dewey, American Airlines Commercial Director - Europe, Middle East, Africa : "We believe that there have been up to 42 billion dollars worth of subsidies afforded to these carriers and that does not feel like an open level playing field. Our concern is not with the Gulf carriers in question; it is just lobbying the US government to make sure that they are working closely to uphold the principles of the Open Skies agreement. 

The largest airline in the world is slowly but surely taking shape. The merger with US Airways has not yet been completely finalized, but will be within the next two years. American Airlines, however, does face some major challenges, such as the establishment of a single reservation system, because with 6,700 daily flights this is not as simple as it may seem.

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