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Video - HOP! Air France to reconquer the short haul network

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In the past, Air France domestic flights were operated by Régional, Airliner, Brit Air or Air France itself, but since March 29, with the exception of those supplying Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport (Paris), all short-haul network flights of the French national company, have been marketed under the entity Hop! Air France. Enough to allow the Group’s 13 million domestic network passengers, per year, to have a clearer view of where they stand. This is also one way of helping the company to become more competitive vis-à-vis its two main competitors: the low-costs and the train.

Lionel Guérin, Managing Director - HOP! Air France

« We have unified the offer, there were regional companies, and one Air France company, all of which we have placed under the same command structure. Why? For greater strength, more agility, and at the same time to lower our prices. »

Pierre Descazeaux, French Market Managing Director - Air France

« We can adjust the aircraft to the route characteristics more easily, depending on the season, etc. ... therefore much more flexibility. »

For the sake of consistency, the tariff offer of the group’s daily 600 domestic flights is available on the two entities’ websites: airfrance.fr and hop.com.

The only downside to this desire for simplification is the livery of the 35 Airbus’ operated by Hop!, which will have to remain those of Air France until at least 2016 ; a matter of priority and costs.

With a fleet of ninety-six 50 to 210-seater aircraft, 130 destinations offered, and a one way loss-leader price at 49 euros, Hop! Air France intends to optimize its occupancy rates and return to profitability in 2017 with a positive operating income of ten million euros.

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  • YAAC
    Posté the 05/15/2015 9:12 am

    The Wheel is turning. They recreate Air Inter 20 years after....

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