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Video - All Nippon Airways in battle dress for Star Wars

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After Brussels Airlines’ Tintin inspired A320, and the Hello Kitty adorned Eva Air Boeing 777, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has now decided to give a Star Wars look to one of their future Boeing 787’s.

The aircraft will be painted in the film saga’s droid, R2D2, colours (photo). The white fuselage will sport blue bands on the ‘plane’s nose, and an imposing "Star Wars" logo on the fuselage behind the wing.

For now the aircraft exists only in computer graphics form, but in the autumn, the "R2-D2 Jet", as ANA has already nicknamed it, will be operated on international flights. The Boeing 787 will mark the launch of the Japanese company’s " Star Wars" project, incorporating several other initiatives related to the universe created by George Lucas, and which they intend to continue right up until 2020, although nothing more than that, as yet, has been revealed.

This is a timely virtual presentation of the new livery. Recently, near Los Angeles, in the U.S., a new trailer for ‘‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’’, was presented to some 2,000 fans. The release of the next installment onto the big screen, is scheduled for 18th December.

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