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Video - Nicole Kidman : the new face of Etihad Airways

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After Omega, Chanel, Nintendo and Schweppes, Nicole Kidman is the new face of Etihad Airways, portrayed in long and short versions of their new commercial lasting 30 and 60 seconds each. The nationality of Nicole Kidman could have played in her favour given that James Hogan, the Chairman and CEO of Etihad Airways is also of Australian origin ; however, Ms Kidman’s fee remains confidential as does the duration of her contract.

Shot in Prague, Marseille and Abu Dhabi, the spot features luxury and glamour. The American-Australian actress is seen enjoying the Emirati company’s new A380 interior, and in particular, the "Residence", a 13 sq.m. ( 140 sq.ft. ) suite complete with shower and double bed ; charged at 24,000 dollars - each way.

From this week, the ad will be screened only in the US, UK, and Australia. The latter being an important market for the company, since Etihad will receive a second A380 in June, for service on their Abu Dhabi – Sydney route.

Nicole Kidman is not the only well known personality in the company’s portfolio, since footballer Patrick Viera, and singer Dannii Minogue, also figure amongst their ambassadors. The company does appear to be looking at wider horizons in the cinema industry, since it has also decorated another of its aircraft for the release of "Fast & Furious 7", expected in early April.

The advert is televised, and can be seen in print and on the web.

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