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Video - Transavia and easyJet : two "low-costs" get a facelift

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In late January, Transavia unveiled its new logo. On 6th February, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their company, it was the turn of easyJet to present the new livery of its aircraft. The new designs of both low-cost carriers are more elaborate, have bolder lines and less flashy colours. The original identities have little impact now, so low-cost airlines are returning to more traditional marketing.

Anne-Marie Goldenberg - Marketing Director, easyJet France

" It's a new livery, we wanted it more modern, more elegant, because it was back in 1995 when we had the first ‘plane with the ‘phone number, then in 1998 we displayed our website address, whereas today we have arrived at a certain maturity, and we wanted to change this identity to project ourselves into the future."

And the future look includes the digital domain. Although the "dot com’s" have disappeared from the logos, low-cost airlines still rely heavily on the internet. This is the case with Transavia, who have changed everything concerning their visual identity, from their hostesses uniforms all the way through to their website ; as with easyJet, who assure us that this transformation will not be reflected in their existing fares.

Hervé Kozar – Commercial Assistant General Manager, Transavia

" We have changed the colours a little, and modernized them, we're no longer Transavia.com, today we are Transavia, because after about ten years there was a need for this repositioning ; but in no case, will we change the values of Transavia, including the fact that pricewise we are low-cost. Our DNA is to have attractive prices for our customers, and that we will not change. Instead we will offer additional products and services to our customers."

Like earning miles or facilitating the purchase of tickets online. But this change will take time. It will not be until this coming April before we see Transavia crew members in their new uniforms, and 2017 to see the totality of the easyJet fleet in their new look.

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