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Video - Four Seasons’ Boeing 757 soon to be ready for its world tour

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We talked about it last May. These are the first images of the Boeing 757 in its Four Seasons' livery. The customised cabin is being retrofitted at Birmingham in the UK. 52 wealthier passengers will soon be travelling in this exclusively First Class cabin configuration aircraft, which has Italian Iacobucci hand-made leather seats-cum-beds.

The luxury hotel chain is preparing to launch two, one-of-a-kind, round the world trips in 2015. The first, a 24-day world tour, will be launched in Los Angeles on 16th March. In flight, there will be personalised service worthy of a luxury hotel, complete with gourmet cuisine and vintage champagne on the menu. This world tour includes nine stopovers where "private jet hosts" will reside in the Four Seasons’ hotels at Papeete, Sydney, Bali and Istanbul.

The other trip planned this year aboard the Boeing 757 is a 16-day European tour due to leave Paris on 20th April.

These high-flying voyages will cost between $69,000 and 19,000 per person ; all inclusive : flight, meals and accommodation. This world first for a hotel group, even before it has got off the ground, is already a great success. So much so, that both the round the world and European trips are already fully booked.

But latecomers need not despair, other trips around the globe are forseen for 2016. So you have plenty of time to save up.

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