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Video - Airbus A380 and Boeing 787: Etihad Airways sets the bench mark

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On 18th December, Etihad Airways joined the closed circle of the thirteen companies that operate the A380. They have ordered ten units in total, and since the cabin layouts are specific to each company, it’s always a prestigious event.

From 27th December, the Etihad Airways super jumbo, with its passenger seating capacity of 498, will link Abu Dhabi with London. The greater part, about 85%, will be in Economy class. The company will offer a 70-seat Business Class, and a First Class with nine massage seats.

Finally, a "residence" of 12sq.m. (130sq.ft.) for two people, travelling together, is also available - at a fare of $ 25,000, one-way. It includes a lounge, double bed, dressing room, and even a shower room.

In the coming days, Etihad Airways will strike a double blow by taking delivery of its first Boeing 787 of the 70 ordered. This will enter service on 1st February, and connect Abu Dhabi to Düsseldorf.


With its new cabin amenities, Etihad Airways sets the bench mark for comfort extremely high.

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