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Delta Air Lines orders 50 Airbus’

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Delta Air Lines orders 50 Airbus’

The US company Delta Air Lines has just finished shopping at Airbus having bought 23 A330neo’s and 25 A350’s, all equipped with Rolls-Royce engines; the Trent 7000 for the A330neo’s and the Trent XWB for the A350’s, amounting to a contract worth 4 billion Euros for the British manufacturer.

The Airbus aircraft were competing with the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner. According to our information, faster delivery times from the European manufacturer ultimately tipped the scales.

The first deliveries for the A350 are expected in the second quarter of 2017. As for the A330neo, which should gradually replace the Boeing 767-300ER, the first deliveries are expected in 2019; to date no further details are available from Delta.

This order forms part of the US airline’s fleet renewal process which began in 2011.

20%, or 158 of the 764 aircraft which constitute the Delta Air Lines fleet today, are Airbus’.

Delta Air Lines is a member airline of the SkyTeam alliance, led by Air France-KLM.

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