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Video - "Hop! Air France" here to increase short-haul profits

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Following the merger in January of three Air France regional airlines (Airlinair, Brit Air, and Regional)   together under the name of "Hop!", the French national carrier has decided to accelerate the transition even further. From next summer, all Air France domestic flights within Europe, except those serving Roissy airport, will be be marketed under the brand name "Hop! Air France". A total of 800 daily flights will be affected and 7,700 people (3,400 Hop! employees and 4,300 from Air France) will work for this new entity, of which the low-cost Transavia is not part.

With "Hop! Air France" the group intends to return to profitability by 2017 on its share of the short-haul market, whose operating losses amounted this year to 140 million euros. But more specifically how ?

By gaining responsiveness in having only a single combined sales and marketing team, and in flexibility by possessing both regional and short-haul aircraft giving the capability of adapting to demand and thereby optimizing occupancy rates.

Not being of utmost priority, the Air France aircraft contingent will not be painted in the livery of the new entity until at least 2016.

It is hard to say for the moment what all of this will change for the 15 million passengers. A new commercial offer will be presented during the first quarter of 2015, targeting a broader spectrum of clientele; that of family, leisure and business. In other words, on the one hand the offer of attractive prices, together with, on the other, optional extras for business people.

With this reorganization, tens of millions of Euros in savings could well be realized.

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