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Video - All Nippon Airways on show

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October 15th was a starry night for a 5-star company in Paris, when All Nippon Airways organized a party in the Cambon Capucines pavilion, during which, the Japanese company unveiled a sneak preview of their new generation uniforms soon to be worn by some 13,000 employees.

Hostess & Steward – ANA :

- ‘‘The uniform is extremely refined, very modern.’’

- ‘‘I find the new uniform much easier to wear ; the jacket is lighter, making movements easier since we have to move around a lot on board. It’s also more modern, more stylish than the present one.’’

Nothing like the old one. To design these new outfits, recognizable by these blue stripes, ANA called in Prabal Gurung, a young, very fashionable designer from New York. The Nepalese-American recently dressed Michelle Obama, and Lady Gaga.

The company also went in search of new culinary names. Pierre Gagnaire from France, and Toru Okada from Japan, are two highly qualified and respected chefs who have joined the company to provide their First Class passengers with a choice between French or Japanese menus. Pierre Hermé, who has been working with ANA since 2012, will also continue working with them. Without doubt, the trio will be providing dishes highly appreciated by all.

The 45 million passengers transported each year by All Nippon Airways, will soon be able to see for themselves these latest developments from this coming December.

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