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Video - Air New Zealand seats hit the road

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After the "Food truck", now there is the "Plane truck". Air New Zealand, invites all interested people to come and test the company's seats, in an original way, aboard a show truck. After London, on 9th., July, the company parked in rue Lafayette in the centre of Paris. Why ? : to present its innovative seats, that equip five of their Boeing 777's, to passers-by.

--« Kiora ! »

-« and welcome aboard Air New Zealand. »

On board, the public can test the Economy Class seat, called the "Skycouch", of which there are 20 rows per aircraft, making a total of 60 seats; and its name was not chosen by accident.

 Veronique Cerasoli – Marketing Manager - Air New Zealand :

"Thanks to an exclusive system, the ''Skycouch'' is formed from three Economy Class seats that incorporate a leg-rest that moves through 90 degrees, placing your feet under the seat in front of you. You also have a bench-seat available, ideal for a parent travelling with two children, or otherwise for two adults travelling together."

The company has also opted for originality with drinks and snacks orders via the television screen located in front of the passenger. All the  cabin crew has to do is bring you your order.

There are also 44 "SpaceSeats" per aircraft, which equip the Premium Economy class, and not the Business Class as one might think. Its design allows you to eat face to face with your neighbour. Centred in the middle of the cabin, the ''Spaceseats'' offer several levels of comfort.

-''It's important to be able to lie down during the trip.''

-''There's really a lot of space, very comfortable. We find ourselves in a little cocoon, complete with TV ... ''

-''I think these seats are very comfortable. The leather-look really appeals to me, and ergonomically quite interesting, enabling the possibility of working during the flight and having lunch at the same time.''

- ''Well sir, have we convinced you? Will we see you on board one day ?'' 

-''It's highly probable that on October 15th., we'll be on board !''

-''Excellent, we'll be delighted to see you again !''

With this operation, Air New Zealand offers us something unique in flyng, having re-invented, in its own way, longhaul trips, which should please certain passengers...

 ''( YAWN ), you won't mind, will you, if I have a little nap now.''

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