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Video - Norwegian launches transatlantic low-cost flights

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This is a small revolution in the sector. 0n 2nd., July, Norwegian, the fastest growing European low-cost airline, launched their transatlantic flights at unbeatable prices. The price: 250 euros, one way, by Boeing 787, between London and Los Angeles, New York or Fort Lauderdale, 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of Miami, Florida.

Since the failure of the Laker Airways' Skytrain, launched in 1977 by the British businessman Frederick Alfred Laker, no low-cost airline had dared to take up the gauntlet again.

However, the Norwegian company's CEO, Bjorn Kjos, has decided to meet the challenge. According to him, all the conditions are in place for these discount flights over the Atlantic enabling the company to make the venture highly profitable.

Firstly, by use of the 787, which uses 15% less kerosene than those of previous generation aircraft. After that, paying for luggage registration, in-flight catering and booking services. And finally, personnel costs reduced to a minimimum.

The company has even gone to the lengths of obtaining an Irish license, which allows it to hire flight attendants on Irish contracts, with a minimum of social security contributions. Practices denounced by the U.S. and European cabin crew unions.

Last year the company which transported 20 million passengers recorded a turnover of almost two billion euros. 

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