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  • Four Seasons ever higher

    Four Seasons is diversifying. The project required a 52-seater Boeing 757 to be completely refurbished, complete with the livery of the luxury hotel chain, so the cabin has to be up to the group's image. Objective: To provide world tours (24 days) or Europe (16 days) as of February 2015 on board this aircraft. The all inclusive prices vary between $69,000 and $119,000. For more information go to http://www.fourseasons.com/

  • Swiss offers a dream job

    If you have the soul of a globetrotter, this job might well interest you. Swiss International Air Lines will soon be recruiting an explorer. During the six months fixed-term contract, the lucky person will, for a salary and all expenses paid, visit 26 destinations.

  • The rise of the "ultra low costs" in the United States

    We all know the ''low-cost'' companies. Well, now there are the ''ULTRA-low costs''. Carriers that display the lowest prices defying all competition, but who charge for the least service. In the U.S., Spirit, a pioneer company in the field, has just been joined by Frontier Airlines in a niche left vacant in the move upmarket by the historical low-cost companies such as Southwest or Jet Blue.

  • Etihad Airways notches up yet another first

    Nobody can deny it, airline companies in the Middle East have, over the years, become a benchmark of onboard luxury and refinement, and Etihad Airways intends soon to even out-class its competitors. The United Arab Emirates national carrier will soon be offering a unique Premier Class to their wealthier clients.

  • Air France unveils its new Premier Class

    After their Economy Class last September, and Business Class earlier this year, it was in Asia on May 7th that Air France presented their new completely revamped Premier Class to an audience of a hundred or so journalists. Up until the very last moment, this new product configuration had been kept well under wraps.

  • Video clip : Air France's new Premier Class

    View the Air France video clip aired in Shanghai, China, on the occasion of the presentation of their new Premier Class to the press last Wednesday, May 7th., 2014.

  • Punctuality of airlines under the microscope

    Delays, cancellations, etc.; when you take a 'plane the departure time, but above all the arrival time, is, for many passengers, extremely important. In recent years, therefore, punctuality has become a priority for airlines. Every year since 2009, FlightStats, an American company, has published its list of ''Airline on-time performance service award winners''.

  • Women airline pilots' viewpoints

    On April 24 at E.N.A.C., the French National School of Civil Aviation, a couple of unusual ladies went to meet high school students, and in particular high school students of the fairer sex, to talk about their profession and especially the vocational aspect. The profession that they exercise, which is not very widespread amongst the female sex - they are both airline pilot captains.

  • Onboard Air France Business Class

    Los Angeles International Airport, Air France flight 65 to Paris Charles de Gaulle. For this long-haul flight, lasting about 11 hours, 80 passengers take place in the Business Class cabin on the upper deck. After having settled in, a welcome drink is offered to them ...

  • Rights of European passengers to be reinforced !

    Since 2004, when flights are delayed or cancelled, European passengers have enjoyed certain rights ; but in fact, the current legislation leaves room for many grey areas ! At present, in order to not compensate their passengers, companies hide behind the term, just a little too all-inclusive, ''exceptional circumstances''; however, this will soon not be possible…

  • Malaysia Airlines plane growing mystery

    One week after the disappearance of flight MH370 and despite significant resources deployed, the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 is still missing. But why? How can a long-haul completely disappear? In order to locate an aircraft in flight, there is actually a transponder.

  • Lufthansa launches its "Premium Economy" class

    It was at the ITB Berlin international tourism fair that Lufthansa officially launched its "Premium Economy"; an intermediate class between those of Business and Economy. This was something of an event, because the German company had not created a new class for 35 years. The new seats...

  • Air France CEO is confident about the future

    Air France-KLM recently released its 2013 fiscal results, so we went to meet Frédéric GAGEY, the CEO of the French national airline to get a little more feedback regarding the latest Air France news; in particular their restructuration plan, move upmarket, and problems with onboard incivilities...

  • Air France's Business Class revival strategy

    With the object of attracting its Business Class customers, Air France has unveiled its new seats for that category, which will be progressively installed from June on board its Boeing 777's ! This seat – sorry, "cocoon" - manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace, required four years of development and costs a whopping € 50,000 each !

  • Ryanair launches new offers for business people

    Ryanair is targeting business people. The biggest European low-cost airline will probably be offering new services for group business travel within the coming weeks; notably with "flexible tickets," more expensive than conventional ones but comprising: a reserved seat, priority boarding, baggage in the hold, and of course the ability to change the date and time of the flight at no extra cost...

  • Etihad launches into the regional market...

    On 16th., January at Zurich airport, Etihad Airways presented and launched its new subsidiary with great pomp and ceremony : Ethiad Regional, created thanks to its acquisition of a 33% share of the Swiss company Darwin Airline.

  • Sochi Games: liquids banned onboard aircraft in Russia

    After the suicide bombings at Volgograd in Russia that had killed 34 people in late December, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov has tightened security measures at Russian airports...

  • A century already of commercial aviation...

    A century ago commercial aviation was born ! For the first time ever on 1 January 1914, and 10 years after the Wright brothers' flight, a passenger actually bought a plane ticket on the first airline in history: the "St. Petersburg -Tampa Airboat Line " seated next to the pilot...

  • Rising unruliness on board, new regulations possible...

    According to a study by the International Air Transport Association, cases of onboard unruliness multiplied by 12 between 2007 and 2011. Cigarettes lit in the toilets, insults against crew members, physical assaults or attempted intrusions into the cockpit; today more than 6,000 in-flight incidents.


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