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  • Qatar Airways CEO receives French Legion of Honour

    A few days before the Paris Air Show, Qatar received French honours. The Chairman and CEO of Qatar Airways has just received the French Legion of Honour and the company will present five aircraft ; an event never seen before.

  • easyJet’s latest 3D innovations

    Following on from aircraft inspections by drone, within the framework of their innovation day, easyJet have just presented their latest technological innovations, with which, the British low-cost airline has entered the third dimension.

  • HOP! Air France to reconquer the short haul network

    Since late March, with the exception of those supplying Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport (Paris), all flights of Air France’s short-haul network, have been marketed under the entity Hop! Air France. A simplification necessary to restore profitability.

  • Qatar Airways : additional traffic rights in France ?

    In return for Qatar’s purchase of 24 Rafale, has France awarded additional traffic rights to Qatar Airways ? The President of the French Republic denies this, but nevertheless confirms that negotiations are underway.

  • All Nippon Airways in battle dress for Star Wars

    After Brussels Airlines’ Tintin inspired A320, and the Hello Kitty adorned Eva Air Boeing 777, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has now decided to give a Star Wars look to one of their future Boeing 787’s. Watch the video, read the article.

  • Dominique Wolton on media pressure

    Dominique Wolton, communication specialist at the CNRS, analyses the crisis communication and the media frenzy after the crash of the Airbus A320 of Germanwings.

  • "Rule of Two'' : Passengers' opinions

    We asked you your opinions about the rule of two crew members permanently in the cockpit adopted by many airlines after the crash of March 24th.

  • Ryanair’s "low-cost" publicity

    Ryanair denied on March 19th its announce made on March 16th of the launch of transatlantic flights from 14 euros. Here’s why.

  • Experience the new Air France medium-haul cabin

    On 18th March, during a ferry flight between Toulouse (south west France) and Paris, along with a number of Air France staff and customers we were able to experience the comfort of the first A319’s brand new cabin. By the summer of 2016, a total of 49 Air France medium-haul aircraft will be refurbished.

  • Nicole Kidman : the new face of Etihad Airways

    Niole Kidman is the new face of Etihad Airways commercial. The actress is seen enjoying the Emirati company’s new A380 interior in a luxurious and glamourous atmosphere.

  • Ryanair to launch a transatlantic low-cost

    The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair’s Board of Directors, has just approved a project to open long-haul routes between Europe and the United States ; a dozen according to our information. A loss-leader price of 14 euros, one way, has been announced. If however, the project does come to fruition, it will not be for at least another four or five years.

  • Tintin's latest adventure with Brussels Airlines

    An Airbus A320 of Brussels Airlines with a special livery inspired by the Tintin comic book “Red Rackham’s treasure” was unveiled at the airlines’ Brussels Airport home base in Belgium.

  • Flight MH370 : one year on, the Director of the French BEA explains

    On March 8th 2014, flight MH370 disappeared from the radar screens. A year later, the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 has not been found. There are still many unanswered questions as to why the ‘plane disappeared without trace. We interviewed the director of the French Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis to find out where the investigation into mysterious flight MH370 stands today.

  • United Airlines : the false good news

    On 11th February, because of a computer problem, thousands of travellers were able to buy United Airlines Business class tickets at rock bottom bargain prices. The US company has finally decided not to honour the tickets issued. But do they have the right ?

  • Air France on the road to recovery

    It was in Paris on February 19th that Air France presented their 2014 results. After three years of effort in terms of costs and restructuring, the French national airline had hopes of a return to profit, but it was not to be. Air France recorded an operating loss of over 300 million euros.

  • Transavia and easyJet : two "low-costs" get a facelift

    In late January, Transavia unveiled its new logo. On 6th February, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the company, it was the turn of easyJet to present the new livery of its aircraft. The new designs of both low-cost carriers are more elaborate, have bolder lines and less flashy colours. The original identities have little impact now, so low-cost airlines are returning to more traditional marketing.

  • LAN Flight 210 wreckage found after 54 years

    A group of climbers in the Andes, has just made an incredible discovery. 3,200 metres (10,500 feet) above sea level, at Maule, 250 kilometres (155 miles) south of Santiago, in Chile, after an expedition lasting six days, the climbers found what appears to be the wreckage of a ‘plane that disappeared more than a half century ago.

  • Transasia Airways crash : deciphering the facts

    Thanks to the Transasia ATR flight data recorder (FDR), we know a little more about what happened during the tragic events that took place a week ago in Taipei, and several questions arise. Could the ATR 72-600 fly with one engine ? What is the procedure to follow in a case of engine failure ? Did the crew have any reason to switch off the engine that worked ? The following are just a few initial responses.

  • Transasia Airways crash: engine failure is privileged

    Five days after the spectacular crash of Transasia Airways flight GE235 in Taipei, the inquest advances. According to investigators, the ATR 72-600 that had just begun its flight between the capital of Taiwan and Kinmen, experienced engine failure.


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