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  • Norwegian opens Paris - New York route at under 180 euros

    This summer, Norwegian, the low-cost airline will launch flights from Paris to New York, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale. The lowest airfare is 179 euros one-way.

  • Alitalia’s latest uniforms

    In Rome, on 18 May, Alitalia unveiled their new, retro chic, uniforms. A collection inspired by the Italian glamour of the 1950’s - 1960’s. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Air Europa’s first Boeing 787

    The Spanish airline, Air Europa, has taken delivery of their first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. For the occasion, a special one-hour flight over Spain was organized on 6 April. aeronewstv was there.

  • Tesla S electric car takes on a Boeing 737

    A race between an airliner and an electric car is an unlikely duel Qantas organized a few days ago at an airport near Melbourne, Australia. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • French blue: France’s first low-cost long-haul

    On 15 September, French blue will be France’s first low-cost, long-haul company, and will serve the cheap sun destinations, such as Punta Cana or Mauritius. Read the article to find out more.

  • The different options when an airline buys a plane

    When an airline buys a plane, it must make choices about the cabin layout, paint, and sometimes the engines. We undertook a short, but detailed review of the main options available to them.

  • Lufthansa officially takes delivery of the A320neo

    On 12 February, Airbus delivered the first A320neo to Lufthansa. The German national airline has ordered a total of 116 A320neo’s and A321neo’s. Watch the video without audio commentary.

  • The most watched 2015 video reports in the air transport category

    aeronewstv is offering the possibility of viewing, or re-viewing, five of the most watched 2015 aviation video reports in the following categories: Industry, Lifestyle, Transport, Events and Employment. Today, the air transport category.

  • False bomb threats on three Air France planes

    False bomb threats last night forced two Air France planes from the United States to divert, one to Salt Lakee City, the other to Halifax in Canada. Air France are maintaining their flight schedules.

  • easyJet celebrates 20 years

    To celebrate their 20 years of existence, easyJet organized a special birthday event in London, which was an opportunity take a look back at the beginnings of the British low-cost airline and find out what their ambitions are.

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn: "Current Airbus-Boeing deal is temporary"

    As part of a conference organized by APG in Morocco, on 29 October, former CEO of the IFM (International Monetary Fund) Dominique Strauss-Kahn is to deliver his analysis on the growth of air transport worldwide. aeronewstv met him to find out what his views are of the low-cost market and aviation industry in the future.

  • Ryanair offers a "helping hand" to traditional airlines

    At present Ryanair's priority has no ambition to embark on long-haul flights. The Irish low-cost prefers to keep its grip on the European short-haul market and change its image.

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn at APG’s World Connect 2015

    The seventh edition of World Connect will be held from 28 to 30 October in Marrakech (Morocco). 450 airline professionals are expected to attend, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be one of the speakers.

  • Eurowings intends to become Europe’s third low-cost

    On 2 November, the newly transformed Eurowings, will launch their first long-haul low-cost flights. Six destinations are offered, at the loss-leader price of € 100 one-way.

  • United Airlines’ new tablet tray for tablets

    In Chicago, United Airlines have just introduced the new seats that will soon equip their Boeing 737’s and Airbus A320’s. An innovative detail caught our attention.

  • Qatar Airways no longer lays off pregnant hostesses

    Qatar Airways’ hostesses who become pregnant will no longer be laid off, instead they will be offered a temporary substitution ground job.

  • Vueling opts for new uniforms

    The Barcelona-based low-cost airline Vueling has just unveiled the new uniforms (video) that the crew members will wear from this summer onwards. Watch the video and read the article.

  • American Airlines, behemoth of the heavens

    As a result of their merger with US Airways 18 months ago, the new American Airlines is now undoubtedly the largest airline in the world and intends to remain so.

  • La Compagnie democratises Business Class

    A year after the launch of their Paris - New York route, La Compagnie, the airline which offers low-cost, long-haul Business Class flights, has opened another, so we decided to see where they stand now, and what they envisage for the future.


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