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Video - World Cup boosts flight reservations

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We are at present in a period of what has been referred to as the ''World Cup effect''. On the occasion of the football event during this period, and compared to those of 2013, flight reservations to Brazil from Europe and the U.S.A. have sky-rocketed nearly 60% and 70% respectively.

            The data analysis, conducted by Amadeus, the global leader in reservation processing solutions for the travel industry, takes into account the airline tickets purchased through travel agencies between 5th., June, i.e., one week before the start of the competition, and 13th., July, the day of the World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro.

            According to these figures, the most ardent football fans are, somewhat surprisingly perhaps, Americans. From May to August, bookings from the United States to Brazil have increased by 68% compared to the same period in 2013.

            In Europe, the north contrasts with the south. The most passenger-supporters emanate from the U.K., as indicated by the June reservations for Brazil which have almost tripled compared to the same month last year; and whilst Germany has also increased by 100% and France by 70%, neither Italy, Spain nor Portugal have surprisingly recorded an increase, but rather the opposite.

            Bookings from these countries are in fact down 10%. One thing to note, however, the major part of ''Northern Europeans'' booked through Southern European carriers with connections via the Madrid, Lisbon and Rome hubs.

            The last observation to note from this analysis, is the responsiveness and adaptability of carriers dealing with such an event. American companies have increased their seating capacity to Brazil by 15% between May and August, with European flights up by 6%.

            Out of the seven million tourists expected in Brazil during the soccer World Cup, more than half of them will be using aircraft as their means of transport.

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