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Video - Lufthansa off to the World Cup

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With the kick-off of the football World Cup on 12th., June in Brazil, the German national carrier has decided to support their team in an unusual way. Eight Lufthansa aircraft have just been renamed "Fanhansa", as you'll understand, a name combining "Fan" and "Lufthansa". Why ? To surprise the soccer fans, of course, and act as ambassador to the German national football team.

The operation is part of a partnership between the airline and the German Football Federation; Lufthansa being the official carrier of the "Mannschaft". Last Saturday, the team also signed a few autographs at Frankfurt airport just before departing for Brazil aboard an A340-600 "Fanhansa" which took them to the training camp of Porto Seguro, a thousand kilometres ( 620 miles ) north of Rio de Janeiro.

Behind the scenes, it took the Lufthansa technical teams a total of forty hours to affix each new logo on the fuselage. In order that they can be seen from a distance whilst the 'plane is on the tarmac, the smallest letters and the huge ball in the German colours are over 1,20 m ( four feet ) high.

And to get the most out of this world cup, Lufthansa has planned everything. Most games will be transmitted live or by delayed broadcast on board all classes on long-haul flights. Match summaries of all teams will also be available via the in-flight entertainment systems. In the fervent hope that their favourite team will triumphantly leave Brazil with a fourth title, the first unavoidable rendez-vous for the "Mannschaft" fans must be their first match in the competition against Portugal on 16th., June. The afternoon kickoff is at one o'clock, Brazilian time.

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