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Video - easyJet soon to inspect its 'planes with drones

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Even if they are not very pleasing to the eye, their utility has been proven. The aviation world has long been interested in the wide variety of UAV applications, and soon, easyJet will go one step further in their exploitation. During their "Innovation day" on 7 May at their Luton headquarters, about thirty miles north of London, the low-cost airline announced that, from now on, it intends using these flying machines for the external inspection of its aircraft during routine scheduled maintenance visits.

Gary Smith, Head of Fleet Transition – easyJet:watch the interview in the video.

Fitted with a scanner and camera, the drone can cover the aircraft from every angle to provide a set of high resolution videos which, when combined, will provide a three dimensional representation, complete with defects. Today, technicians are still needed in the process, but easyJet does not rule out the eventual total removal of the human factor.

Gary Smith, Head of Fleet Transition – easyJet:watch the interview in the video.

They are at the crossroads between scientific research and industrial application. Still under development, it is still too early to determine the global costs of this new technology, but even if the company is growing, over-extending itself regarding its operations is out of the question.

At easyJet, their intention is to remain, above all, at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly changing industry. Their research department hopes to use the first drones for their 220-aircraft fleet inspections within the next twelve months. At first, only the Luton site will be equipped, but in the not too distant future, this technology should spread to all of its European sites, together with a switch to multiple drone inspections.

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