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Video - Swiss offers a dream job

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If you have the soul of a globetrotter, this job might well interest you. Swiss International Air Lines will soon be recruiting an explorer. During the six months fixed-term contract, the lucky person will, for a salary and all expenses paid, visit 26 destinations such as Sao Paulo, Hong Kong or London, with the assignment of...

Mehdi Guenin, Swiss International Air Lines Spokesperson : interview in the video.

On the company website, the intrepid Swiss explorer will have a blog at his/her disposal where weekly comments, photos or videos can be posted. Better than a satisfaction survey, this operation will enable the Swiss carrier to be assessed subjectively with the objective of rejuvenating its image.

If this dream job should interest you, there is still time to apply, provided of course you have the right profile.

Mehdi Guenin, Swiss International Air Lines Spokesperson : interview in the video.

You have until May 28 to submit your application on the company web site. Of the 10,000 applicants expected, only one will be retained, the identity of whom should be revealed in early July, leaving two months, that's bags of time (no pun intended) to pack.

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  • Thulfiqar (guest)
    Posté the 06/27/2014 3:01 pm

    Hi, am Jabbar EC635 pilot I served in Iraq ( my country ) for 2 years as a copilot and 2 years as a captain , total flying hours i have: 1115 hours.. Please give me a call or message pn my cell phone : +9647707802645

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