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Video - Lufthansa launches its "Premium Economy" class

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It was at the ITB Berlin international tourism fair that Lufthansa officially launched its "Premium Economy"; an intermediate class between those of Business and Economy. This was something of an event, because the German company had not created a new class for 35 years. The new seats offer 50% more space ( leg room ??? ) and will be three centimetres ( 1 1/4in.) wider than the economy class as shown here in the picture.

With a console between the seats, increased storage space, adjustable headrests, and seat backs that recline more, Premium passengers will also have an 11 or 12 inch ( 30 cm ) video screen. Customers wishing to try out this new offering from November onwards, will also be allowed to carry twice the amount of baggage in the hold - 46 kilos ( over 100 lbs ) - and also offered toilet bags and travel accessories. Meals will be served in porcelaine tableware.

Initially, this Premium class will only concern the company's Boeing 747-8's, following that, by the summer of 2015, it will be incorporated into the entire long-haul fleet, being 106 aircraft or 3,600 seats in total.

Regarding the airfare in this "Premium Economy" class, the German company says it should be considered as, "closer to that of Economy class than Business class"; even so, you can probably count on 600 euros more than for a normal trans-atlantic Economy return fare for example. Better than Economy class, and cheaper than Business, according to Lufthansa, this new offering is expected to interest 1.5 million passengers per year.

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