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Video - Swiss eagerly await their first CS100...

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With the first successful flight of the CS100, on September 16 at Mirabel in Canada, the future Swiss acquisition is now at hand. The Swiss company, which currently operates a fleet of 91 aircraft, will gradually replace its ageing 15 year-old British Avro RJ-100’s with brand spanking new Canadian CS-100’s from the end of next year.

The carrier intends to offer a better flight experience to its passengers travelling between Zurich and Geneva to London, Florence and St. Petersburg. The cabin configuration will be finalized at the end of the year, but the Swiss CS-100’s should be able to carry 110 passengers, being 20 more than the current Avro RJ-100’s.

Another advantage of the Canadian medium-range aircraft is its lower fuel consumption, due to the Pratt & Whitney engines, in conjunction with the use of lighter structural materials, such as aluminum, giving an expected reduction of 20%; and profitability it’s not its only asset.

The Swiss company has ordered a total of 30 CS-100’s, incorporating 30 additional options, and should receive one unit per month from the end of 2014, but is already thinking about the possibility of acquiring its "big brother ", the CS-300, which is capable of accommodating up to 160 passengers, and whose maiden flight is expected this winter.

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