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  • Transavia and easyJet : two "low-costs" get a facelift

    In late January, Transavia unveiled its new logo. On 6th February, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the company, it was the turn of easyJet to present the new livery of its aircraft. The new designs of both low-cost carriers are more elaborate, have bolder lines and less flashy colours. The original identities have little impact now, so low-cost airlines are returning to more traditional marketing.

  • LAN Flight 210 wreckage found after 54 years

    A group of climbers in the Andes, has just made an incredible discovery. 3,200 metres (10,500 feet) above sea level, at Maule, 250 kilometres (155 miles) south of Santiago, in Chile, after an expedition lasting six days, the climbers found what appears to be the wreckage of a ‘plane that disappeared more than a half century ago.

  • Transasia Airways crash : deciphering the facts

    Thanks to the Transasia ATR flight data recorder (FDR), we know a little more about what happened during the tragic events that took place a week ago in Taipei, and several questions arise. Could the ATR 72-600 fly with one engine ? What is the procedure to follow in a case of engine failure ? Did the crew have any reason to switch off the engine that worked ? The following are just a few initial responses.

  • Transasia Airways crash: engine failure is privileged

    Five days after the spectacular crash of Transasia Airways flight GE235 in Taipei, the inquest advances. According to investigators, the ATR 72-600 that had just begun its flight between the capital of Taiwan and Kinmen, experienced engine failure.

  • ADP has big plans for Roissy

    In late January, Paris Airports (Aéroports de Paris - ADP), revealed a plan to invest more than three billion euros over five years, notably for Paris’ Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. Their objective being to to remain a reference international airport equal to, or better than, its competitors, Heathrow, Frankfurt and Dubai.

  • News on the AirAsia crash

    Three weeks after the AirAsia A320 crashed into the Java Sea claiming the lives of the 162 people on board, the inquest advances. Thanks to the ongoing analysis of the two black boxes recovered, the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee investigators (NTSC) have excluded any possibility of a terrorist attack.

  • "No-Fly list" - the people banned from flying

    Following the terrorist attacks in France last week, the United States have just strengthened their security and monitoring systems, including those at US airports. Therefore, the "No-Fly list" should logically become longer...

  • What are the differences between the certification authorities ?

    A few days ago, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certified the ARJ-21 Comac. But to fly abroad, the Chinese regional jet must now be certified by the American and European civil aviation authorities.

  • Four Seasons’ Boeing 757 soon to be ready for its world tour

    The Four Seasons luxury hotel chain is about to launch two, one-of-a-kind, round the world trips in 2015. The first, a 24-day world tour, will be launched in Los Angeles on 16th March. In flight, there will be personalised service worthy of a luxury hotel, with gourmet cuisine and vintage champagne on the menu.

  • ANA puts Boeing 747 seats on sale

    Since 28th December ANA (All Nippon Airways) has put a symbol of mass tourism up for sale: a limited number of their former Boeing 747 seats. The company has of course been careful to remove the wiring and adapt the feet so that they can be placed on a normal floor without damaging it. Asking Price: between € 4,400 and € 5,100 ($5,200 - $6,000).

  • AirAsia : a low-cost airline like no other

    It’s more than one week after the disappearance of the AirAsia flight QZ8501, but despite various assumptions, the causes of the accident are still unknown, so let's take a brief look at this young low-cost airline that lacks nothing in comparison with other large companies.

  • Airbus A380 and Boeing 787: Etihad Airways sets the bench mark

    On 18th December, Etihad Airways joined the closed circle of the thirteen companies that operate the A380. They have ordered ten units in total, and since the cabin layout is specific to each company that is always an prestigious event. In the coming days, Etihad Airways will strike a double blow by taking delivery of its first Boeing 787, which will enter service on 1st February.

  • Certain European airports found lacking after subsidisation

    A 70-page report of the European Court of Auditors, published on 16th December, points an accusing finger at deserted airport halls, unused runways, and half empty car parks. Between 2000 and 2013, € 38 million were spent unnecessarily in enlarging terminals or building new runways.

  • Swiss Air Lines offers gastronomique flight to passengers

    With the aim of promoting Swiss cuisine on 21st November, in this A330, Swiss International Air Lines added a few light meals on the menu to their flight from Zurich to New York; and to do this, Switzerland's national airline called in one of the 50 top chefs in the world: Andreas Caminada. His name may not mean anything to you, yet the 37 year-old Swiss has three Michelin stars and 19/20 in the Gault & Millau guide.

  • Oil price drop benefits airlines

    Oil is very expensive, and a far cry from 2004 when a barrel of it was selling for around $40. In 2008, black gold even peaked at $180. Since then, prices have stabilized at around $130, but according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) a significant drop is on the horizon.

  • Toulouse Airport in symbiosis with China

    The French Ministers of Finance and Economy finally made a decision on 4th December. A major share of the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (ATB) management company owned, up to now, by the French State will be transferred to Symbiose, a Chinese-led consortium. In the end it was the 308 million Euros offered by them that finally clinched the deal.

  • Lufthansa launches long-haul low-cost flights with Eurowings

    Lufthansa has just announced that they will soon be offering low-cost long haul flights; a first for a traditional European company. From the winter of 2015, under the name of Eurowings, they will propose "leisure" destinations in the Indian Ocean, South Africa and Florida from Cologne and Bonn.

  • Toulouse airport: the die is not yet cast

    In south west France there are no more than three entities vying to acquire 49.9% of the state shares in ATB, the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport management company: Vinci Airports, Aéroports de Paris and SNC-Lavalin associated with Chinese investors. The French Minister of Finance has still not decided. But some voices are against the Sino-Canadian offer.

  • Air France tackles the medium-haul sector

    Reclaiming Business Class clientèle to its medium-haul network is the new goal Air France has set itself, after attacking that of the long haul. On 27th November, at their company headquarters at Roissy (near Paris), the Chairman and CEO presented the new Business Class cabins seats that will be provided on some of its Airbus A319’s and A320’s from next April.


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