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  • Russian Air Force’s Tupolev Tu-22M

    The Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-22M, also known as backfire, in service for over 40 years, has been used in Syria since 17 November. We take a look at this Russian supersonic strategic bomber, featuring impressive air intakes.

  • Ejection seats do save lives

    In the event of a serious incident in the air with fighter aircraft, use of ejection seats, is the only way to stay alive, and have saved nearly 700 pilots. SEMMB, world leader in the sector, who also produces the Rafale seat, opened their doors to us.

  • France’s aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle at war against ISIL

    France has just deployed its aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, in the Mediterranean as strategic support to intensify air strikes against ISIL. This is the first French nuclear-powered surface vessel, and only nuclear-powered carrier in operation today.

  • Alkan, world expert in dropping bombs

    Alkan is one of the few global specialists for carriage, release and ejection systems of missiles or bombs on fighter aircraft and attack helicopters. We dropped in on this French SME which exports its equipment to 60 countries.

  • Northrop Grumman B-2 stealth bomber

    The Pentagon has just selected Northrop Grumman to develop a new Long Range Strike Bomber. A choice that is probably explained by the link between the American aircraft manufacturer and the US Air Force, the B-2.

  • SR-71 Blackbird: the fastest plane in the world

    There are airplanes, that by their shape and performance, demand admiration and respect. The USA’s SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, developed by Lockheed in the 60’s, is one of them.

  • In military aviation, what is a target aircraft ?

    Combat, surveillance, transport, military aircrafts have multiple functions. But what is the one of a target aircraft ? Find the answer at the end of the video.

  • The ‘‘Candy Bomber’’ displayed in Berlin

    We take you on a short guided tour of Berlin’s German Museum of Technology, where you can see a Condor, Messerschmidt, Junkers 52, and the "Candy Bomber" amongst some of the many other aircraft on display.

  • A400M programme in the mire

    Due to the recent difficulties faced by the Airbus group’s A400M military transport aircraft, Domingo Urena-Raso, the head of military aircraft, Airbus Group, has resigned. Fernando Alonso, his replacement, will now be in charge of the corrective measures.

  • Boeing is working on a VTOL aircraft for the Pentagon

    It is just a prototype for now, but by 2018, the "Phantom Swift" developed by Boeing could conceivably used by the American army. Darpa, has launched the beginning of a call for tenders for the creation of a VTOL aircraft, and Boeing is, for the moment, the best placed.

  • Combat U.A.V's. at Eurosatory

    Inaugurated by the French Defence Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, earlier this week, today, June 20th, Eurosatory closes its doors. Over 1,500 exhibitors were present at this event dedicated to Land and Air-Land defense and security.

  • Bell goes to war !

    With its V-280 Valor, Bell, the american helicopter manufacturer, intends to win the tender for the US Army in 2017. A market estimated by the Department of Defense at more than $58 billion.

  • A flying fortress !

    The B-52 is a flying fortress.


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