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  • flyDubai crash: a fatal nosedive manœuvre

    Three weeks after the crash of the flyDubai Boeing 737 in Russia which left 62 dead, the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has just released a preliminary report, from which we learn that the pilots pushed the plane into a nose-dive at 2,950 feet (900m) altitude.

  • flydubai FZ 981: after the crash, a mystery remains

    72 hours after the flydubai Boeing 737 crash in Russia, killing all 55 passengers and 7 crew members, has left a mystery. The video of the crash shows the Boeing 737 dropping "like a stone" at high speed.

  • Boeing 737 crash in Russia : 62 dead

    A flydubai low-cost airline plane, on final approach from Dubai, crashed on the night of last Friday to Saturday, just before landing in southern Russia, killing all 62 people on board. Watch the video and read the article.


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