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  • Fighter jet makes spectacular landing – without front landing gear

    Landing a fighter plane with no front landing gear – that was the extraordinary feat of a US Navy pilot, who gently posed the nose of his McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier on a special tool designed for this type of emergency. Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • Public debut for Chinese J-20 stealth jet

    The new J-20 fighter aircraft has made a public debut in Zhuhai at Airshow China. Footage from the Chinese CCTV news agency filmed on 1st November showcases two J-20s demonstrating their manoeuvrability in the air. See the video without commentary. Read the article.

  • All the best pictures from the Bastille Day Fly-By

    Nearly a hundred aircraft flew over Paris’ Champs Elysées (France), for the Bastille Day celebrations, this 14th July. A fantastic show that lasted a good fifteen minutes. Here is some of the best footage.

  • Japan’s X-2 prototype stealth fighter’s maiden flight

    Japan’s X-2 prototype stealth fighter carried out its maiden flight on 22 April. An advanced technology demonstrator jet, which may be used to incorporate new technologies for future Japanese fighter aircraft. Watch the video and read the article.

  • Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt still battling on

    In service for 40 years with the US Air Force, the Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt will remain operational until 2022. The ground-attack aircraft, currently involved in Syria against the group islamic State, is indeed a formidable ‘plane designed for the destruction of armoured vehicles.

  • What is the weight of a fighter jet ejection seat?

    Fighter aircraft ejection seats first appeared in the 40’s, and since then have saved many lives. Their weight is an important factor, both during the ejection, and for the airplane’s performance.

  • Ejection seats do save lives

    In the event of a serious incident in the air with fighter aircraft, use of ejection seats, is the only way to stay alive, and have saved nearly 700 pilots. SEMMB, world leader in the sector, who also produces the Rafale seat, opened their doors to us.

  • France’s aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle at war against ISIL

    France has just deployed its aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, in the Mediterranean as strategic support to intensify air strikes against ISIL. This is the first French nuclear-powered surface vessel, and only nuclear-powered carrier in operation today.

  • Alkan, world expert in dropping bombs

    Alkan is one of the few global specialists for carriage, release and ejection systems of missiles or bombs on fighter aircraft and attack helicopters. We dropped in on this French SME which exports its equipment to 60 countries.

  • The beginning of the "Made in Italy" F-35’s

    The first F-35 assembled in Italy has just undertaken its first flight, giving us the opportunity to look at the latest developments of this programme, the most expensive in US history.

  • Rafale orders: who, what, how many?

    Between purchase intent, firm orders and ongoing negotiations, the Dassault Aviation Rafale is under the spotlight but sometimes difficult to see clearly. The following is a brief overview.

  • Dassault Aviation delivers first Rafale to Egypt

    The ceremony marking the acceptance by the Arab Republic of Egypt of its first three Rafales was held this 20 July at the Dassault Aviation flight test center, southern France. Watch extracts of the speech. Read the article.

  • What is the particularity of a canard aircraft ?

    What is a canard aircraft? At first hand the question seems strange, and yet, these aircraft do exist. They have one feature that is clearly visible at first glance. But what is it? Answer at the end of the video.

  • Royal International Air Tattoo preparing for the show

    The world's largest international military air show, the Royal International Air Tattoo, will be held from 17 to 19 July, in Gloucestershire, UK. Watch the video to see what awaits you.

  • India decides, for now, not to buy other Rafale jets

    Over the last three years, India has been seriously considering buying up to 126 Dassault Aviation Rafale – until now. The Indian defense minister has just declared that his country will not go beyond the 36 combat aircraft ordered in mid-April.


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