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  • easyJet: controversial aftermath of diversion

    After two failed attempts to land in stormy weather at Toulouse airport on February 5th, an easyJet Airbus A320 diverted to Montpellier. The 180 passengers aboard had to make their own way back to Toulouse at their own expense, creating a controversy. Read the article to find out more.

  • The youngest female commercial airline captain

    Kate McWilliams has just passed her command course making her the youngest commercial airline captain at just 26 years old. She joined easyJet in May 2011 as a first officer. Watch her interview. Read the article.

  • 2016 aviation forecasts

    At the very beginning of this New Year, 2016, you are probably wondering what it holds in store for us? The following is an aviation bulletin of the major events in view for the coming twelve months.

  • easyJet celebrates 20 years

    To celebrate their 20 years of existence, easyJet organized a special birthday event in London, which was an opportunity take a look back at the beginnings of the British low-cost airline and find out what their ambitions are.

  • easyJet’s latest 3D innovations

    Following on from aircraft inspections by drone, within the framework of their innovation day, easyJet have just presented their latest technological innovations, with which, the British low-cost airline has entered the third dimension.

  • Transavia and easyJet : two "low-costs" get a facelift

    In late January, Transavia unveiled its new logo. On 6th February, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the company, it was the turn of easyJet to present the new livery of its aircraft. The new designs of both low-cost carriers are more elaborate, have bolder lines and less flashy colours. The original identities have little impact now, so low-cost airlines are returning to more traditional marketing.

  • easyJet soon to inspect its 'planes with drones

    Even if they are not very pleasing to the eye, their utility has been proven. The aviation world has long been interested in the wide variety of U.A.V. applications, and soon, easyJet will go one step further in their exploitation. During their "Innovation day" held last May, at their Luton headquarters, about thirty miles north of London, the low-cost airline announced.


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