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  • Drone delivery takes off

    Express delivery of small packages by drone is now a reality. GeoPost has launched the first regular commercial line and Amazon has just delivered to its first customer. Forget Father Christmas, the drone postmen are beginning their rounds.

  • A Helicopter Crashes because of a Drone

    A drone hit the tail rotor of a helicopter ambulance and caused it to crash together with five passengers aboard. This is a spectacular air catastrophe taken from the British television series Casualty. Watch the video and behind-the-scenes footage. Read the article.

  • Drones for Airbus Pre-delivery Inspection

    Airbus is currently using drones to carry out A330 fuselage inspections. This means it only takes ten minutes to check for any faults, such as dents or scratches.

  • ATEX drone’s first delivery to a liquid gas tanker

    In late January, the first drone certified to operate in explosive environments, delivered a parcel to the crew of a Maersk group liquid gas tanker. A world first. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • UAV World Championships

    On 22 February, the world’s twelve best drone pilots competed at Miami’s American football stadium. On the programme were slaloms in the stands and corridors at speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km/h). Watch the video and read the article.

  • Which came first, the drone or the PowerEgg?

    The PowerEgg is another Chinese drone whose design should not leave anyone indifferent. Its marketing is expected within weeks. Read the article. Watch the video.

  • Flight simulator for military drones lands on the market

    With the rise of the military UAV market through the world, the need for drone operators will increase. To train them, Silkan, a French SME, has developed a high-tech flight simulator that adapts to all types of drones.

  • Patroller drone chosen by the French Army

    After two years’ competition, it is ultimately the Sagem tactical UAV Patroller, which will enter service with the French Army from 2018. Thales was vying with their Watchkeeper, and thus loses out on a contract of 300 million euros.

  • e.Yo Copter: the drone crane

    Lakesight, a London based company, have developed the e.Yo Copter which could be marketed as soon as 2017. Compared to other drones in the sector, this helicopter will be able to carry a payload of more than 440 lbs (200 kg).

  • GeoPost invents UAV parcel terminal

    GeoPost, a subsidiary of the French La Poste Group, has developed the first delivery drone terminal, with the main interest of reducing risks to the maximum for operators.

  • Drop n' Drone, the first aircraft-deployable drone is here

    The French start-up Airborne Concept has developed the Drop n' Drone, a drone capable of being launched from an airplane. What’s the point? How does it work? Watch the video to find out.

  • Aircraft and UAV’s priority: detection and avoidance

    To avoid drones and airplanes colliding, research is being intensified to try and establish concrete solutions to the problem. The French national school of civil aviation together with a drone manufacturer have even made it one of their priorities.

  • First explosive environments certified drone

    The start-up, Xamen Technologies, has just developed the world’s first ATEX certified drone, which means that the machine can be operated safely in hazardous environments where the slightest spark is prohibited.

  • US Navy successfully completes first drone in-flight refuelling

    The US Navy recently completed the world’s first successful in-flight refuelling of a drone, the X-47B, on 22nd April, off the East Coast of the United States.

  • Amazon’s delivery drone tests have the green light

    The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) has just awarded Amazon an experimental airworthiness certificate for the drone they have developed. Parcel deliveries by drone tests will soon begin.


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