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  • Falcon 5X emerges from the shadows

    Dassault Aviation has just unveiled the first Falcon 5X to roll off their Bordeaux (south-western France) assembly lines. The inaugural flight is scheduled for the summer, with entry into service expected in late 2017 or early 2018.

  • Rafale sale to Qatar: signing ceremony in Doha

    On 4 May at Doha, Dassault Aviation signed its third Rafale export contract. The State of Qatar has bought 24 fighter jets, with an option for 12 additional aircraft. Click here to read the article, and watch the complemetary video.

  • Qatar’s Rafale order : the proverbial third for Dassault Aviation

    Qatar has just ordered 24 Rafale fighters. The third export success after Egypt and India, with the signing scheduled for early next week. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Dassault Aviation’s Rafale sales to India

    This is the second Rafale export sale. After Egypt in February, it’s now India’s turn to order the Rafale ; 36 of which will be made in France.

  • India’s first two upgraded Mirage 2000’s

    Dassault has delivered the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) first two upgraded Mirage 2000’s. The fighter has a new cockpit, improved radar, and more. This delivery is a good omen for the 126 Rafale contract at present under discussion with India.

  • Dassault Aviation confident for 2015

    On 11th., March, at Saint-Cloud near Paris, Dassault Aviation presented lower year end figures for 2014. However, these results do not overly worry Dassault Aviation, whose well-filled order book has grown thanks to heightened activity in the business aviation sector.

  • Rafale sale to Egypt: contract completed

    On 16th February in Cairo, a historic agreement for the first export sale of the Rafale was signed between Dassault Aviation and Egypt. The Egyptian Air Force will take possession of the total of 24 combat aircraft by 2019.

  • Dassault Aviation's very private "showroom"

    Dassault Aviation recently opened the doors of a secret place to us, a place that only a select few know - the aircraft manufacturer’s showroom. A kind of shop window for their Falcon customers. It is in a large building, located at Le Bourget airport, near Paris (France) that they come to choose their future private jet interior layouts.

  • First export success for the Rafale

    As we mentioned on 9th February, Egypt will take possession of 24 Rafale’s for its air force. The agreement will be finalized on 16th February in Cairo. Estimated value of this contract to Dassault Aviation: 3.5 billion euros.

  • Falcon 8X and Rafale : beginning of a promising year for Dassault

    Very discreetly and seven weeks after it officially rolled off the Merignac assembly lines near Bordeaux (south western France), the Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X undertook its first flight; a new milestone for the French manufacturer. As for the Rafale, the prospect of its first export success is approaching.

  • What’s in store for us in 2015 ?

    At the beginning of the year, you're probably wondering what will happen in the aeronautical world in 2015 ? Well to find out, we consulted our crystal ball - if it told the truth...

  • Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X rolls out

    On 17th December, at their Bordeaux-Merignac site (south western of France), Dassault Aviation welcomed 200 carefully selected guests to the official presentation of their new flagship, the Falcon 8X. A really special moment for Dassault and their customers.

  • 2014 Retrospective in two minutes flat

    As is customary each year end, it’s time to take stock ! In the aviation world, 2014 was marked by both good and bad news. Here’s an accelerated flashback in two minutes flat…

  • Dassault’s Little Rock plant expands

    On 17th December, the first Falcon 8X, destined for flight testing, will roll off the production line at Merignac (near Bordeaux, South West France). For the occasion, Dassault Aviation has invited some 200 people, mostly customers. During 2016, the first business jets of the series will go to the Little Rock plant in the United States to have their cabins fitted out.

  • Birth of future Franco-British combat drone

    The United Kingdom and France have joined hands in the development of a future UCAV. On November 5th at Dassault Aviation’s headquarters near Paris, the French and British governments gave a design study contract to six aeronautical manufacturers, to the tune of € 250 million, with the objective of defining a next generation unmanned combat aircraft within the next two years.


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