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  • Safran launches €10bn bid for Zodiac Aerospace

    French giant Safran group has begun exclusive negotiations for a friendly takeover of Zodiac Aerospace. The move was announced at a press conference on Thursday in Paris to explain the €9.7 bn merger that will create the world’s second largest supplier of aircraft equipment. Read our news article.

  • Zodiac Aerospace’s tête-à-tête concept for passengers

    Since 2013, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Zodiac Aerospace, have been working on a concept of Economy Class seats to say the least original; it saves space at all levels. Here’s how.

  • Air France's Business Class revival strategy

    With the object of attracting its Business Class customers, Air France has unveiled its new seats for that category, which will be progressively installed from June on board its Boeing 777's ! This seat – sorry, "cocoon" - manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace, required four years of development and costs a whopping € 50,000 each !

  • Zodiac Aerospace builds its reputation

    During a meeting held in Paris with the Chairman of the Board of Zodiac Aerospace, we took a look at this group whose success is undeniable. The top ranking equipment manufacturer has indeed become a world leader in several areas over the last six years...


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