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  • World’s most powerful wind tunnel saved from collapse

    The most powerful aeronautical wind tunnel in the world will benefit from a special grant from the French Defense Ministry to prevent its collapse. Ground stabilisation work will be spread over 2016-2017. Details follow.

  • Gustave Eiffel’s wind tunnel in Paris, still in use

    For over a hundred years the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris has been home to a piece of aviation history : Gustave Eiffel’s wind tunnel. In 1912 the 79 year-old engineer, noted for the construction of the famous tower, pursued his research into aerodynamics, and for which he built a wind tunnel to conduct his experiments.

  • World’s most powerful aircraft wind tunnel

    Welcome to the home of the most powerful aircraft wind tunnel in the world. Situated in the French Alps, close to the French-Italian border at Modane, the French National aerospace research centre (Onera) has an exceptional test centre. Inside a steel tunnel two giant fans produce transonic winds of speeds up to Mach 1, enabling aircraft manufacturers to conduct aerodynamic testing on their development aircraft.


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