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  • NASA completes Flight Tests of Air Traffic Tool

    A NASA-led team successfully completed flight tests of a new air traffic tool aimed at maximizing efficiency, and making flights more punctual for passengers. Watch our video and read the article to find out more.

  • Airline protocol in case of a heart attack in mid flight

    Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack during a United Airlines flight. In the wake of her death, we take a look at current legislation and options available to airline companies in the case of a medical emergency in mid-flight.

  • United Airlines’ new tablet tray for tablets

    In Chicago, United Airlines have just introduced the new seats that will soon equip their Boeing 737’s and Airbus A320’s. An innovative detail caught our attention.

  • United Airlines : the false good news

    On 11th February, because of a computer problem, thousands of travellers were able to buy United Airlines Business class tickets at rock bottom bargain prices. The US company has finally decided not to honour the tickets issued. But do they have the right ?


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