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  • Border control, Thales scans your eyes

    In order to facilitate, secure and accelerate passenger controls at borders, Thales has developed a trustworthy system - but keep your eyes wide open.

  • The Paris Air Show now opens to the public

    After the four trade days, it’s time to take stock and review the high-tech and an ever greener, more environmentally conscious aviation industry.

  • Thales’ future Bordeaux industrial campus

    Air'Innov, Thales’ future industrial campus will house 2,400 employees, within the next two years. Located in Merignac, near Bordeaux (southwestern France), the site is aimed at being the aviation group’s ''showcase''.

  • ESA space ‘plane : mission accomplished

    A success. On 11th February, thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA) prototype space ‘plane, called the "IXV" ( Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle ), measuring five metres (16,5 feet) long by two metres (6,5 feet) wide, Europe demonstrated that it is now capable of returning craft to Earth from space.

  • Thales Watchkeeper UAV deployed to Afghanistan

    Since 25th September, the Thales Watchkeeper has been cutting its teeth in Afghanistan. On the British Army base in Helmand province, in the south of the country, the tactical UAV conducts regular monitoring and reconnaissance missions to protect the estimated 10,000 British soldiers stationed there.


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